New knitting project!

I’ve been feeling lost and confused ever since I successfully finished knitting a Rogue hoodie that fit me.


Until Keem suggested I knit her a Skull Illusion Scarf.

Skull Illusion Scarf

I said “Mokay, but are you sure you don’t want a Dark Mark illusion scarf?”

Dark Mark illusion scarf

She said, “No thanks, I’m in Ravenclaw anyway.”

Skull and crossbones it is. Much more ladylike and nonthreatening.

red vs creme

So off I go, on a new knitting adventure, with an illusion scarf. I plan on plotting my progress with my brand new membership to Ravelry. (For those of you who aren’t aware yet, it’s only THE knitting and crocheting community site. It’s still in beta testing, and just today I got my long-awaited invitation.)

  1. The rogue hoodie looks AMAZING, I am totally impressed. And yes, now that you mention it, your mouth does resemble Christopher Reeve’s in the last photo. Can’t wait to see the illusion scarf!

  2. Hooray! It looks so good. Your skills are so impressive. I so want to wear the sweater you made me this fall, I wonder how it will look with me not being pregnant?

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