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Rad Dad, by Tom Moniz M

  • thought-provoking collection of writing from all manner of radical poppas and sometimes mamas

East Village Inky by Ayun Halliday M P Greenwoman by Sandra Knauf M Mamaphiles by various M

  • collection of writings by parents about birth, coming home, literally and figuratively cutting the cord

I Dreamed I Was Assertive by Celia Perez P S

  • Celia Perez's zine I Dreamed I Was Assertive is a keenly written personal zine from the unique perspective an urban librarian mama.

Roots & Wings by Celia Perez P

  • In addition to her personal zine I Dreamed I Was Assertive, librarian mama Celia Perez writes specifically about her relationship with her baby boy Emiliano in this mini zine

Hatch! Mister Sister MKD & Asher S

  • Nicole opens her heart in this issue to discuss the emotionally raw experience of losing her baby nephew to SIDS.

Intovert #6 by Nicole S

  • MKD documents her experience as a single mother raising her young gender variant child.

Miranda: Motherhood and Other Adventures

  • Miranda is a twice-yearly publication that chronicles my more adventurous past as well as the complexities of my current job, motherhood.

hip Mama by Ariel Gore A

  • A parenting zine

Reality Mom Volume by Corbin Lewars A

  • A zine about writing, motherhood, relationships and other low paying, but highly rewarding endeavors.

Gonzo Parenting SC "Sometimes, parenting is all about surviving it."

My Mother Wears Combat Boots by Jessica Mills M

  • For punk parents and beyond comes Jessica Mill's parenting guide

The Future Generation book by China Martens M A

  • compilation of The Future Generation zine, by radical moms, for radical mom's, and has writings on issues like sexism, violence, and resistance

My Baby Rides the Short Bus: The Unabashedly Human Experience of Raising Kids With Disabilities by Yantra Bertelli M

  • the stories in this collection provide parents of “special needs” kids with a welcome chuckle, a rock to stand on, and a moment of reality held far enough from the heart to see clearly

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Not quite mamazine
Phases of the Moon by Stacey Marie and Alexander M S

  • story about the year we got pregnant and made the decision to give our baby up for adoption."

Apples Like Broken Glass/Decisive by Sile M

  • Sile's zine tells the story of her two abortions, surgical and RU-486.

Microcosm (M)
Stranger Danger (S)
Parcell Post (P)
Atomic Books (A)
Sweet Candy (parenting section) (SC)

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